The IEA Database Project has benefited greatly from assistance from many people and funders. 

At University of Oregon (2002-2024) 

The initial development of the IEADB was supported by the National Science Foundation under Grant No. 0318374 entitled "Analysis of the effects of environmental treaties" September 2003 - August 2007.  (Any opinions, findings, and conclusions or recommendations expressed in the material on this website are those of the author and do not necessarily reflect the views of the National Science Foundation). It was also supported by the American Philosophical Society, the University of Oregon, and the University of Oregon Environmental Studies Program. 

The initial Advisory Board Members consisted of Peter H. Sand, Robert O. Keohane, and William C. Clark. 

Additional advisors and contributors included Elizabeth DeSombre (Wellesley College), Mark Giordano (International Water Management Institute), Gary Goertz (University of Arizona), Irina Parshikova (University of Oregon and Princeton University), Stuart Shulman (University of Pittsburgh) and Glenn Deane (SUNY-Albany)

Steve Rothman provided research assistance that was central to the project, Daniel Mundra and Aaron Pareck provided assistance for the structuring of the dataset and development of the website, and additional support was provided by Knight Library and JQ Johnson. All of them worked at University of Oregon. 

The following students from University of Oregon, the Graduate Institute, ETH-Zurich, University of Queensland, University of Utrecht, Stanford University and other universities have all contributed significantly to the development of this project: Esther Peev, Ornella Napolitano, Clément Lefebvre, Maurus Pfalzgraf, Anna Reichart, Miguel Frohlich, Celeste Luppino, Rak Kim, James Hollway, Julia Anderson, Alona Arneson, Erika Beleyovych, Sierra Burke, Morgan Mooney-McCarthy, Jacob Fitzharris, Hugo Rafael-Chaves, Olivia Courogen, Sarah Crown, Alexandra Jansky, Sam Pettit, Sullivan Schuster, Meian Chen, Hannah Stewart, Dalton Fusco, Hao Zhou, Zhuo Li, Rebecca Mendoza, Jillian Schmidt, Inessa Wurscher, Kendra Dessler, Rebecca Mendoza, Jillian Schmidt, Nicholas Thompson, Inessa Wurscher, Maneesh Arora, Evgeniya "Jane" Lukinova, Megan Brogan, Megan Brogan, Evgeniya "Jane" Lukinova, Jessica McGrath, Taylor Smiley, Katherine Boom, Boris Bourget, Egor Fedotov, Kelley Littlepage, Taylor Smiley, Chris Stratton, Abigail Vaughan, Mitra Anoushiravani, Mark Axelrod, Ian Baldwin, Sarah Baughn, Katherine Boyd, Jonathan Boush, R. Charli Carpenter, Dunya Chirchi, Suh-Yong Chung, Kyrsten Crowe, Erin Dawson, Alexia dePottere-Smith, Sherry Dickerson, Thomas Dudrey, Kelsea Feola, Michael Fillingame, Erin Fine, Jessica Frazier, Mirna Galic, Swaminadhan Gnanashanmugam, Erin Graham, Jason Hartwig, Jessica Hejny, Leif Hoffmann, Rob Hoshaw, Savanna Honerkamp-Smith, Daniel Johnsen, Leah Sage Just, Sara Keiski, Meera Kotagal, Audrey Lamm, Ari Loeb, Kari Lundgren, Meghan Madden, Anthony Francis Marchant, Jennifer Marlon, Justin Mates, Helen Naughton, Irina Parshikova, Mary Ann Sylvia Partridge, Katharine Read, Steve Rothman, Lindsey Schatzberg, Kenneth Short, Cortnie Shupe, Ryan Slunaker, Teresa Sabol Spezio, Erica Stevenson, Gabrielle Thompson, Claire Tonry, Laura Vaughan, and Sara Wee.

At Université Laval (2024- )

The transfer of IEADB from University of Oregon to Université Laval was supported by the Faculty of Law and the Faculty of Social Sciences of Université Laval. 

Research assistants are Université Laval include Anabelle Giguère, Annabelle Olivier, Ludovic Toffoli, Joannie Blais, Felicia Martin and David Vincent.