The IEA Database Project

The International Environmental Agreements (IEA) Database Project offers a "single source" repository for information related to IEAs. It provides negotiators, treaty secretariats, scholars, students, and interested citizens with a reliable list of all historic and current IEAs.  Initiated and curated by Prof. Ronald Mitchell (University of Oregon) from 2002 to 2024, it is now hosted at Université Laval under the leadership of Prof. Jean-Frédéric Morin.


The IEA Database seeks to provide: 

  • a systematic, comprehensive and up to date list of international environmental agreements, including multilateral (MEAs) and bilateral (BEAs) ones. 
  • Information on each agreement, including signature date, place of signature, entry into force date, parties, responsible secretariat, subject, etc.;
  • the fully searchable text for most IEAs, including the original as well as the amended versions;
  • information on "lineage" -- i.e. the legal linkages among agreements;
  • coded versions of a subset of IEAs that allow systematic comparison of agreement design features;.
  • a comprehensive list of environmental secretariats.

Disclaimer and Usage Notes

The IEA Database Project provides its information for free. In return, we expect users to cite both the website and the latest article presenting the dataset in their publications.  

The IEA Database Project makes every attempt to provide accurate, complete, and up to date information, but does not make any guarantees in this regard. In particular, we suspect that data is less comprehensive for BEAs as it is for MEAs. The IEA Project does not accept any responsibility or liability for any uses to which information drawn from the IEADB Project site may be put. Users should confirm information from other sources, particularly treaty secretariats and official legal reference materials where available.

Please report any errors or omissions to