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Art.9 Art. 9
Art.9.0x Each of the contracting parties may grant exemption from the enactments of the present Convention,
Art.9.1 1. In the case of birds, the shooting and destruction of which, as noxious to the interests of shooting sport and fishing, is permitted by the Parliament of the respective country;
Art.9.2 2. In the case of birds branded as noxious to the agriculture of the country by the Parliament of the respective State.
Art.9.3x In case there should not be an official schedule compiled by the respective legislature [section 2 of the present Clause][5] shall be enforced in the case of those birds which are enumerated in Schedule 2 annexed to this Convention.
Art.14 Art. 14
Art.14.1x The present Convention shall come in force at latest within a year from the date of the interchanging of papers.
Art.14.2x It remains in force for all the signatory Powers for an indefinite period. Should any one of the same withdraw, such withdrawal does not affect the other Powers, and comes in force only one year from the day on which the withdrawal was brought to the notice of the other signatory States.