Paragraphs in "Convention concerning the Organisation of Combat against Locusts" coded as SUBS

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Art.1 Article 1
Art.1.1x The contracting States hereby undertake to take the necessary measures against locusts liable to damage the crops of neighbouring States, signatories of the present Convention.
Art.3 Article 3
Art.3.1x In their mutual interests they may conclude special agreements with a view to taking joint measures to facilitate the campaign against locusts.
Art.4 Article 4
Art.4.1x As from the date of signature of the present Convention, they shall recognise the International Institute of Agriculture at Rome as the official centre for documentation and for the spreading of information regarding all questions relating to the campaign against locusts.
Art.4.2x They undertake to supply the Institute, at least once a year and more often if circumstances so require, with all relative technical, scientific, legislative and administrative information collected by competent persons.
Art.4.3x The International Institute of Agriculture shall give such information the widest possible publicity with the least possible delay.