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Art.5 Article V
Art.5.1 1. The Commission may amend from time to time the provisions of the Schedule by adopting regulations with respect to the conservation and utilization of whale resources, fixing
Art.5.1.a (a) protected and unprotected species;
Art.5.1.b (b) open and closed seasons;
Art.5.1.c (c) open and closed waters, including the designation of sanctuary areas;
Art.5.1.d (d) size limits for each species;
Art.5.1.e (e) time, methods, and intensity of whaling (including the maximum catch of whales to be taken in any one season);
Art.5.1.f (f) types and specifications of gear and apparatus and appliances which may be used;
Art.5.1.g (g) methods of measurement; and
Art.5.1.h (h) catch returns and other statistical and biological records.
Art.5.2 2. These amendments of the Schedule
Art.5.2.a (a) shall be such as are necessary to carry out the objectives and purposes of this Convention and to provide for the conservation, development, and optimum utilization of the whale resources;
Art.5.2.b (b) shall be based on scientific findings;
Art.5.2.c (c) shall not involve restrictions on the number or nationality of factory ships or land stations, nor allocate specific quotas to any factory or ship or land station or to any group of factory ships or land stations; and
Art.5.2.d (d) shall take into consideration the interests of the consumers of whale products and the whaling industry.
Art.5.3 3. Each of such amendments shall become effective with respect to the Contracting Governments ninety days following notification of the amendment by the Commission to each of the Contracting Governments, except that
Art.5.3.a (a) if any Government presents to the Commission objection to any amendment prior to the expiration of this ninety-day period, the amendment shall not become effective with respect to any of the Governments for an additional ninety days;
Art.5.3.b (b) thereupon, any other Contracting Government may present objection to the amendment at any time prior to the expiration of the additional ninety-day period, or before the expiration of thirty days from the date of receipt of the last objection received during such additional ninety-day period, whichever date shall be the later; and
Art.5.3.c (c) thereafter, the amendment shall become effective with respect to all Contracting Governments which have not presented objection but shall not become effective with respect to any Government which has so objected until such date as the objection is withdrawn. The Commission shall notify each Contracting Government immediately upon receipt of each objection and withdrawal and each Contracting Government shall acknowledge receipt of all notifications of amendments, objections, and withdrawals.
Art.5.4 4. No amendments shall become effective before 1st July, 1949.
Art.11 Article XI
Art.11.1x Any Contracting Government may withdraw from this Convention on 30th June, of any year by giving notice on or before 1st January, of the same year to the depository Government, which upon receipt of such a notice shall at once communicate it to the other Contracting Governments. Any other Contracting Government may, in like manner, within one month of the receipt of a copy of such a notice from the depository Government give notice of withdrawal, so that the Convention shall cease to be in force on 30th June, of the same year with respect to the Government giving such notice of withdrawal.
Art.11.2x The Convention shall bear the date on which it is opened for signature and shall remain open for signature for a period of fourteen days thereafter.