Paragraphs in "International Convention For The Permanent Control Of Outbreak Areas Of The Red Locust" coded as SUBS

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Art.7 Article VII
Art.7.a (a) The Secretary of the Council shall be entrusted with the collection of the contributions of the Participating Governments, as well as the keeping of the accounts of the Control Service.
Art.7.b (b) The Government of Northern Rhodesia shall audit the annual accounts of the Service and submit them to the Council. These accounts, when approved by the Council, shall be forwarded to the Participating Governments.
Art.8 Article VIII
Art.8.0x For the carrying out of anti-locust operations in territories to which the present Convention applies, each Participating Government shall
Art.8.a (a) accord such facilities to members of the Control Service, in the matter of customs and passports, as may be required to enable them to carry out their official duties; and
Art.8.b (b) give all possible assistance, other than financial assistance, required by the Control Service for destroying incipient swarms of Red Locusts.