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Art.4 Article IV
Art.4.1x In view of the importance of the Hevea rubber industry in the Region, and of the danger of introducing the destructive South American leaf blight (Dothidella ulei) of the Hevea rubber tree, the Contracting Governments shall take the measures specified in Appendix B to this Agreement. Appendix B to this Agreement may be modified by a decision of the Committee taken unanimously.
Art.5 Article V
Art.5.1x For the purpose of preventing the spread within the Region of destructive diseases and pests, each Contracting Government shall use its best endeavours to apply, with respect to the importation into its territory of any plants, including packings and containers, and any packings and containers of plant origin, from another territory within the Region, such measures of prohibition, certification, inspection, disinfection, disinfestation, quarantine, destruction or other measures as may be recommended by the Committee, in addition to measures already adopted by each Contracting Government.