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Art.1 Article 1
Art.1.1x The Contracting Parties agree to co-operate and to assist one another, in accordance with the provisions of this Convention, in carrying on rational fishing in the Black Sea, in improving fishing technique, and in carrying out research in the field of ichthyology and hydrobiology for the purpose of maintaining and augmenting the stocks of fish in the Black Sea with a view to increasing the yield.
Art.1.2x The provisions of this Convention shall not affect the status of the territorial and inland waters of the Contracting Parties.
Art.2 Article 2
Art.2.1x Fishing vessels of the People's Republic of Bulgaria, the Romanian People's Republic and the Union of Soviet Socialist Republics engaged in fishing in the open sea may enter the following ports of refuge in order to shelter from bad weather or in case of damage:
Art.2.2x In the People's Republic of Bulgaria: Balchik, Varna, Nesebür, Burgas, Sozopol and Michurin;
Art.2.3x In the Romanian People's Republic: Constanta and Sulina;
Art.2.4x In the Union of Soviet Socialist Republics: Odessa, Evpatoria, Yalta, Novorossysk, Sochi, Sukhum, Poti and Batum.
Art.2.5x The list of ports of refuge may be amended by agreement among the Parties to the Convention.
Art.3 Article 3
Art.3.1x In the cases referred to in article 2 of this Convention, the fishing vessels of the Contracting Parties shall where necessary be given an opportunity to repair the damage and to replenish their supplies of foodstuffs, drinking water, fuel, lubricants and other ship's stores so that the vessel may continue on its route or return to its nearest home port, and an opportunity to dispose of their catch fresh at the ports of refuge if it cannot be preserved on board the vessel.
Art.4 Article 4
Art.4.1x The procedure governing the disposal of fish and payment for services rendered to fishing vessels entering ports of refuge and for fish disposed of in the cases referred to in article 3 of this Convention shall be agreed between the competent authorities of the Parties to the Convention.
Art.5 Article 5
Art.5.1x The following shall be the minimum sizes at which fish may be taken: Beluga (Huso huso) 140 cm
Art.5.1x.bx Russian sturgeon (Acipenser güldenstaedti) 80 cm Sevryuga (Acipenser stellatus) 75 cm
Art.5.1x.dx Turbot (Rhombus maeoticus) 35 cm
Art.5.1x.ex Shad (Alosa kessleri pontica) 16 cm
Art.5.2x The size of a fish shall be determined by measuring its length from the tip of the snout to the base of the tail fin.
Art.5.3x Any fish taken which is under the prescribed size must be put back in the sea.
Art.5.4x The taking of fish under the prescribed minimum size shall be permissible in a proportion not exceeding the following percentage by number of the total catch of each protected species: 8 per cent in the case of shad (Alosa kessleri pontica);
Art.5.4x.bx 5 per cent in the case of turbot (Rhombus maeoticus); and 5 per cent in the case of Acipenseridae (Huso huso, Acipenser güldenstaedti, Acipenser stellatus).
Art.5.5x The taking of Acipenser nudiventris shall be prohibited for five years from the date of entry into force of this Convention.