Paragraphs in "Protocol Of Signature To The Agreement Concerning The International Commission For The Protection Of The Rhine Against Pollution" coded as SUBS

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Art.1 Article 1
Art.1.1x The Contracting Parties shall continue to collaborate in the question of the protection of the waters of the Rhine below the lower Lake, within the framework of the International Commission for the protection of the Rhine against pollution.
Art.12 Article 12
Art.12.1 1. Each Contracting Party shall bear the expenses of its representation within the Commission and its working groups, as well as of current research undertaken on its territory.
Art.12.2 2. The remaining cost of the Commission's activities shall be shared out among the Contracting Parties as follows: Federal Republic of Germany 24.5%
Art.12.2.bx French Republic 24.5% Grand Duchy of Luxembourg 1.5%
Art.12.2.dx Kingdom of the Netherlands 4.5%
Art.12.2.ex European Economic Community 13 %
Art.12.2.fx Swiss Confederation 12 %
Art.12.2.gx Total 100 %
Art.12.3x In certain cases, the Commission may adopt a different distribution.