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Art.1.1x The Contracting States shall: - cooperate closely with a view to preserving and increasing the living resources of the Baltic Sea and the Belts and obtaining the optimum yield, and, in particular to expanding and coordinating studies towards these ends,
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Art.11.1 1. Subject to the provisions of this Article, the Contracting States undertake to give effect to any recommendation made by the Commission under Article X of this Convention from the date determined by the Commission, which shall not be before the period for objection provided for in this Article has elapsed.
Art.11.2 2. Any Contracting State may within ninety days from the date of notification of a recommendation object to it and in that event shall not be under obligation to give effect to that recommendation. A Contracting State may also at any time withdraw its objection and give effect to a recommendation. In the event of an objection being made within the ninety days period, any other Contracting State may similarly object at any time within a further period of sixty days.
Art.11.3 3. It objections to a recommendation are made by three or more Contracting States, the other Contracting States shall be relieved forthwith of any obligation to give effect to that recommendation.
Art.11.4.a 4. a) After the date of entry into force of a recommendation adopted by the Commission any Contracting State may notify the Commission of the termination of its acceptance of the recommendation and, if that notification is not withdrawn, the recommendation shall cease to be binding on that Contracting State at the end of one year from the date of notification.
Art.11.4.b b) A recommendation which has ceased to be binding on a Contracting State shall cease to be binding on any other Contracting State thirty days after the date on which the latter notifies the Commission of the termination of its acceptance of the recommendation.
Art.11.5 5. The Commission shall notify the Contracting States of any notification under this Article immediately upon receipt thereof.