Paragraphs in "Treaty For Amazonian Cooperation" coded as RESV

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Art.26.1x The Contracting Parties agree that the present Treaty shall not be susceptible to interpretative reservation or statements.
Art.28.0x This Treaty shall be ratified by all the Contracting parties and the instruments of ratification shall be deposited with the Government of the Federative Republic of Brazil.
Art.28.1 PARAGRAPH ONE: This Treaty shall become effective thirty days after the last instrument of ratification has been deposited by the Contracting Parties.
Art.28.2 PARAGRAPH TWO: The intention to denounce this Treaty shall be communicated by a Contracting Party to the remaining Contracting Parties at least ninety days prior to formal delivery of the instrument of denunciation to the Government of the Federative Republic o Brazil. This Treaty shall cease to have effect for the Contracting Party denouncing it one year after the denunciation has been formalized.
Art.28.3 PARAGRAPH THREE: This Treaty shall be drawn up in English, Dutch, Portuguese and Spanish, all having equal validity.