Paragraphs in "Constitutional Agreement Of The Latin American Organization For Fisheries Development" coded as RESV

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Art.36 Article 36 - DENUNCIATION
Art.36.1x This Agreement shall remain in force indefinitely but each State party to the Agreement may denounce it at any time by written notification to the host country.
Art.36.2x The denunciation shall have effect 180 days after the date on which the notice was received by the depositary.
Art.36.3x The Government of the host country shall notify the States party or signatories to this Agreement of the notification of the denunciation and the date on which the denunciation comes into effect.
Art.36.4x The State making the denunciation shall comply with any obligation by which it was bound before its denunciation, notwithstanding that such obligation may continue after the effective date of withdrawal.
Art.36.5x Notwithstanding the denunciation of this Agreement by a State, that State may continue to be linked to specific programmes until they are completed. This matter shall be decided by the Conference of Ministers.
Art.37 Article 37 - RESERVATION
Art.37.1x No reservation may be made to this Agreement at the time of signature, ratification or accession.