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Art.1 Paragraph 1
Art.1.1 1. (1) No Party shall issue an authorization in respect of an application, or seek registration for an area included:
Art.1.1.a (a) within an area which is covered in another application filed in conformity with the agreements for voluntary conflict resolution reached on 18 May 1983 and 15 December 1983 and being still under consideration by another Party;
Art.1.1.b (b) within an area claimed in any other application which has been filed in conformity with national law and this Agreement,
Art.1.1.b.i (i) prior to the signature of this Agreement, or
Art.1.1.b.ii (ii) earlier than the application or request for registration in question, and which is still under consideration by another Party; or
Art.1.1.c (c) with in an authorization granted by another Party in conformity with this Agreement.
Art.1.2 (2) No Party shall itself engage in deep seabed operations in an area for which, in accordance with this paragraph it shall not issue an authorization or seek registration.
Art.2 Paragraph 2
Art.2.1x 2. The Parties shall, as far as possible process applications without delay. To this end, each Party shall, with reasonable dispatch make an initial examination of each application to determine-whether it complies with requirements for minimum content of applications under its national law, and thereafter determine the applicant's eligibility for the issuance of an authorization.
Art.4 Paragraph 4
Art.4.1x 4. No Party shall authorize, or itself engage in, exploitation of the hard mineral resources of the deep seabed before 1 January 1988.
Art.6 Paragraph 6
Art.6.1 6. (1) To the extent permissible under national law, a Party shall maintain the confidentiality of the coordinates of application areas and other proprietary or confidential commercial information received in confidence from any other Party in pursuance of cooperation in regard to deep seabed operations. In particular:
Art.6.1.a (a) the confidentiality of the coordinates of application areas shall be maintained until any overlap involving such an area is resolved and the relevant authorization is issued; and
Art.6.1.b (b) the confidentiality of other proprietary or confidential commercial information shall be maintained in accordance with national law as long as such information retains its character as such.
Art.6.2 (2) Denunciation or other action by a Party pursuant to paragraph 14 of this Agreement shall not affect the Parties' obligations under this paragraph.
Art.8 Paragraph 8
Art.8.1x 8. The Parties shall seek consistency in their application requirements and operating standards.