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Art.33 Article 33
Art.33.1 1. Where it is necessary on account of exceptional circumstances or emergency or force majeure not expressly provided for in this Agreement, the Council may, by special vote, relieve a member of an obligation under this Agreement if it is satisfied by an explanation from that member regarding the reasons why the obligation cannot be met.
Art.33.2 2. The Council, in granting relief to a member under paragraph 1 of this article, shall state explicitly the terms and conditions on which, and the period for which, the member is relieved of such obligation, and the reasons for which the relief is granted.
Art.40 Article 40
Art.40.1x A signatory Government which intends to ratify, accept or approve this Agreement, or a Government for which the Council has established conditions for accession but which has not yet been able to deposit its instrument, may, at any time, notify the depositary that it will apply this Agreement provisionally either when it enters into force in accordance with article 41, or, if it is already in force, at a specified date.
Art.42 Article 42
Art.42.1 1. The Council may, by special vote, recommend an amendment of this Agreement to members.
Art.42.2 2. The Council shall fix a date by which members shall notify the depositary of their acceptance of the amendment.
Art.42.3 3. An amendment shall enter into force 90 days after the depositary has received notifications of acceptance from members constituting at least two thirds of the producing members and accounting for at least 75 per cent of the votes of the producing members, and from members constituting at least two thirds of the consuming members and accounting for at least 75 per cent of the votes of the consuming members.
Art.42.4 4. After the depositary informs the Council that the requirements for entry into force of the amendment have been met, and notwithstanding the provisions of paragraph 2 of this article relating to the date fixed by the Council, a member may still notify the depositary of its acceptance of the amendment, provided that such notification is made before the entry into force of the amendment.
Art.42.5 5. Any member which has not notified its acceptance of an amendment by the date on which such amendment enters into force shall cease to be a party to this Agreement as from that date, unless such member has satisfied the Council that its acceptance could not be obtained in time owing to difficulties in completing its constitutional or institutional procedures, and the Council decides to extend for that member the period for acceptance of the amendment. Such member shall not be bound by the amendment before it has notified its acceptance thereof.
Art.42.6 6. If the requirements for the entry into force of the amendment have not been met by the date fixed by the Council in accordance with paragraph 2 of this article, the amendment shall be considered withdrawn.
Art.43 Article 43
Art.43.1 1. A member may withdraw from this Agreement at any time after the entry into force of this Agreement by giving written notice of withdrawal to the depositary. That member shall simultaneously inform the Council of the action it has taken.
Art.43.2 2. Withdrawal shall become effective 90 days after the notice is received by the depositary.
Art.43.3 3. Financial obligations to the Organization incurred by a member under this Agreement shall not be terminated by its withdrawal.
Art.47 Article 47
Art.47.1x Reservations may not be made with respect to any of the provisions of this Agreement.