Paragraphs in "Convention Establishing the Association of Caribbean States" coded as RESV

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Art.30 ARTICLE XXX: Duration and Withdrawal
Art.30.1 1. This Convention shall have indefinite duration.
Art.30.2 2. Any Contracting Party may at any time withdraw from this Convention. Such withdrawal shall take effect one year after the date of the receipt by the depositary of the formal notification of withdrawal and shall be without prejudice to any obligation incurred by the withdrawing Party by or under this Convention prior to such withdrawal. This Convention shall continue in force thereafter with respect to the other Parties, provided that not less than two-thirds of the States referred to in Article IV(1) continue to be Parties.
Art.31 ARTICLE XXXI: Reservations
Art.31.1x No reservations may be made to this Convention.
Art.31.2x Done at Cartagena de Indias, Republic of Colombia, this 24th day of July 1994 in a single copy in the English, French and Spanish languages, each text being equally authentic. This original text will be deposited with the Government of Colombia.