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Art.5 Article V: Recommendations on Management Measures
Art.5.1 1. The recommendations referred to in Article III, paragraph 1 b), shall be adopted by a two-thirds majority of Members of the Commission present and voting. The text of such recommendations shall be communicated by the Chairperson of the Commission to each Member.
Art.5.2 2. Subject to the provisions of this Article, the Members of the Commission undertake to give effect to any recommendations made by the Commission under Article III, paragraph 1b), from the date determined by the Commission, which shall not be before the period for objection provided for in this Article has elapsed.
Art.5.3 3. Any Member of the Commission may within one hundred and twenty days from the date of notification of a recommendation object to it and in that event shall not be under obligation to give effect to that recommendation. A Member may at any time withdraw its objection and give effect to a recommendation.
Art.5.4 4. The Chairperson of the Commission shall notify each Member immediately upon receipt of each objection or withdrawal of objection.
Art.13 Article XIII: Acceptance
Art.13.1 1. In accordance with Article I.2, this Agreement shall be open to acceptance by Members and Associate Members of the Organization as well as by non-member States of the Organization that are coastal States or Associate Members whose territories are situated wholly or partly within the Area defined in Article IV.
Art.13.2 2. Acceptance of this Agreement by any Member or Associate Member of the Organization that is a coastal State or Associate member whose territories are situated wholly or partly within the Area defined in Article IV, shall be effected by the deposit of an instrument of acceptance with the Director-General of the Organization, the depositary of this Agreement, and shall take effect on receipt of such instrument by the Director-General.
Art.13.3 3. The Director-General of the Organization shall immediately inform all Members of the Commission, all Members and Associate Members of the Organization and the Secretary-General of the United Nations of all acceptances that have become effective.
Art.13.4 4. Acceptance of this Agreement may be made subject to reservations in accordance with the general rules of public international law as reflected in the provisions of Part II, Section 2 of the Vienna Convention on the Law of Treaties of 1969.
Art.15 Article XV: Withdrawal
Art.15.1 1. Any Member may withdraw from this Agreement at any time after the expiration of two years from the date upon which the Agreement entered into force with respect to that Member, by giving written notice of such withdrawal to the Director-General of the Organization who shall immediately inform all the Members of the Commission and the Members of the Organization of such withdrawal. Notice of withdrawal shall become effective three months from the date of its receipt by the Director-General of the Organization.
Art.15.2 2. Any Member of the Commission that gives notice of withdrawal from the Organization shall be deemed to have simultaneously withdrawn from the Commission.