All codes assigned to: Provisional Understanding Regarding Deep Seabed Matters

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Src.1 Source:, downloaded 20040505 SRC SRC
Art.1 Paragraph 1 SUBS SUBS
Art.1.1 1. (1) No Party shall issue an authorization in respect of an application, or seek registration for an area included:
Art.1.1.a (a) within an area which is covered in another application filed in conformity with the agreements for voluntary conflict resolution reached on 18 May 1983 and 15 December 1983 and being still under consideration by another Party; RELA
Art.1.1.b (b) within an area claimed in any other application which has been filed in conformity with national law and this Agreement, SOVR
Art.1.1.b.i (i) prior to the signature of this Agreement, or
Art.1.1.b.ii (ii) earlier than the application or request for registration in question, and which is still under consideration by another Party; or
Art.1.1.c (c) with in an authorization granted by another Party in conformity with this Agreement.
Art.1.2 (2) No Party shall itself engage in deep seabed operations in an area for which, in accordance with this paragraph it shall not issue an authorization or seek registration.
Art.2 Paragraph 2 SUBS IMPL SUBS IMPL
Art.2.1x 2. The Parties shall, as far as possible process applications without delay. To this end, each Party shall, with reasonable dispatch make an initial examination of each application to determine-whether it complies with requirements for minimum content of applications under its national law, and thereafter determine the applicant's eligibility for the issuance of an authorization.
Art.3 Paragraph 3
Art.3.1x 3. Each Party shall immediately notify the other Parties of each application for an authorization which it accepts, including applications already received, and of each amendment to such an application. Each Party shall also immediately notify the other Parties after it has taken action subsequently with respect to an application or any action with respect to an authorization. INFO INFO
Art.4 Paragraph 4 SUBS SUBS
Art.4.1x 4. No Party shall authorize, or itself engage in, exploitation of the hard mineral resources of the deep seabed before 1 January 1988.
Art.5 Paragraph 5 CONS CONS
Art.5.1 5. (1) The Parties shall consult together:
Art.5.1.a (a) prior to the issuance of any authorization or before themselves engaging in deep seabed operations or seeking registration for an area;
Art.5.1.b (b) with regard to any arrangements between one or more Parties and another State or States for the avoidance of overlapping in deep seabed operations;
Art.5.1.c (c) with regard to relevant legal provisions and any modification thereof; and (d) Generally with a view to coordinating and reviewing the implementation of this Agreement.
Art.5.2 (2) The relevant Parties shall consult together in the event that two or more applications are filed simultaneously.
Art.6 Paragraph 6 SUBS SUBS
Art.6.1 6. (1) To the extent permissible under national law, a Party shall maintain the confidentiality of the coordinates of application areas and other proprietary or confidential commercial information received in confidence from any other Party in pursuance of cooperation in regard to deep seabed operations. In particular: SOVR
Art.6.1.a (a) the confidentiality of the coordinates of application areas shall be maintained until any overlap involving such an area is resolved and the relevant authorization is issued; and
Art.6.1.b (b) the confidentiality of other proprietary or confidential commercial information shall be maintained in accordance with national law as long as such information retains its character as such. SOVR
Art.6.2 (2) Denunciation or other action by a Party pursuant to paragraph 14 of this Agreement shall not affect the Parties' obligations under this paragraph.
Art.7 Paragraph 7 IMPL
Art.7.1 7. (1) The rights and interests of an applicant or of the grantee of an authorization may be transferred, in whole or in part, consistent with national law. Subject to national law, the rights, interests, and obligations of the transferee shall be as set forth in an agreement between the transferor and the transferee. SOVR SOVR
Art.7.2 (2) For the purposes of this Agreement, the transferee is deemed to stand in the same position as that of the transferor for his rights and interests including the right of priority to the extent those rights and interests represent in whole or in part the original rights and interests of the transferor. SOVR
Art.8 Paragraph 8 SUBS SUBS
Art.8.1x 8. The Parties shall seek consistency in their application requirements and operating standards.
Art.9 Paragraph 9 IMPL
Art.9.1x 9. The Parties shall implement this Agreement in accordance with relevant national laws and regulations. SOVR SOVR
Art.10 Paragraph 10 DISP DISP
Art.10.1x 10. The Parties shall settle any dispute arising from the interpretation or application of this Agreement by appropriate means. The Parties to the dispute shall consider the possibility of recourse to binding arbitration and, if they agree, shall have recourse to it.
Art.11 Paragraph 11 AMND AMND
Art.11.1x 11. This Agreement which includes Appendices I and II, may be amended only by written agreement of all Parties. ATTACH ATTACH
Art.12 Paragraph 12 EIF RESV EIF MEMB RESV
Art.12.1 12. (1) This Agreement shall enter into force 30 days after signature.
Art.12.2 (2) A Party which has not adopted the necessary legal provisions for the issue of authorizations may, by a declaration relating to its signature of this Agreement, limit the application of this Agreement to the parts thereof other than those relating to the issue of authorizations. Where such a Party adopts legal provisions which, in the view of the other Parties, are similar in aims and effects to their own legal provisions, the first mentioned-Party shall notify all other Parties that it accepts fully the provisions of this Agreement. Such a Party may also declare, upon signature,, that, for constitutional reasons, this Agreement shall become effective for it only after notification to all other Parties.
Art.13 Paragraph 13 MEMB MEMB
Art.13.1x 13. After entry into force of this Agreement, additional States may, with the consent of all Parties, be invited to accede to this Agreement.
Art.14.1 14. (1) A Party may denounce this Agreement by written notice to all other Parties, subject to the provisions of paragraph 6. Such denunciation shall become effective 180 days-from the date of the latest receipt of such notice.
Art.14.2 (2) A Party may, for good cause related to the implementation of this Agreement, after consultation, serve written notice on another Party that, from a date not less than 90 days thereafter it will cease to give effect to paragraph 1 of this Agreement in respect of such other Party. The rights and obligations of these two Parties towards the other Parties remain unaffected by such notice.
Art.14.3 (3) Subsequent to such notice referred to in subparagraphs (1) and (2) , the Parties concerned shall seek, to the extent-possible, to mitigate adverse effects resulting therefrom.
Art.15 Paragraph 15
Art.15.1x 15. This Agreement is without prejudice to, nor does it affect, the positions of the Parties, or any obligations assumed by any of the Parties, in respect of the United Nations Convention on the Law of the Sea. RELA SOVR RELA SOVR
Conc.1 DONE at Geneva on 3 August 1984, in eight copies in the English, French, German, Italian, Japanese and Netherlands languages, each of which shall be equally authentic. CONC TEXT CONC TEXT