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Signature Date Agreements Containing specific Code
1902-03-19 Convention For The Protection Of Birds Useful To Agriculture
1933-11-08 Convention Relative To The Preservation Of Fauna And Flora In Their Natural State
1958-04-29 Convention On Fishing And Conservation Of The Living Resources Of The High Seas
1963-10-17 Nordic Mutual Emergency Assistance Agreement In Connection With Radiation Accidents
1966-12-19 Protocol to the Agreement On Reciprocal Access To Fishing In The Skagerrak And The Kattegat
1967-09-13 Phytosanitary Convention For Africa
1968-09-23 Agreement On Administrative Arrangements For The Prek Thnot (Cambodia) Power And Irrigation Development Project
1968-09-15 African Convention On The Conservation Of Nature And Natural Resources
1969-11-29 International Convention Relating To Intervention On The High Seas In Cases Of Oil Pollution Casualties
1969-11-29 International Convention On Civil Liability For Oil Pollution Damage
1970-06-10 Benelux Convention On The Hunting And Protection Of Birds
1972-04-10 Convention On The Prohibition Of The Development, Production And Stockpiling Of Bacteriological (Biological) And Toxin Weapons, And On Their Destruction
1973-11-15 Agreement On Conservation Of Polar Bears
1976-05-20 Implementing Agreement On The Technical Exchange Of Information In The Field Of Reactor Safety Research And Development To The Agreement on an International Energy Programme
1976-12-03 Convention For The Protection Of The Rhine Against Chemical Pollution
1976-12-03 Convention On The Protection Of The Rhine Against Pollution By Chlorides
1976-05-05 Agreement Regarding Monitoring Of The Stratosphere
1978-10-24 Convention On Future Multilateral Cooperation In The Northwest Atlantic Fisheries
1979-11-13 Convention On Long-Range Transboundary Air Pollution
1980-03-03 Convention On The Physical Protection Of Nuclear Material
1984-08-03 Provisional Understanding Regarding Deep Seabed Matters
1985-07-09 ASEAN Agreement On The Conservation Of Nature And Natural Resources
1986-09-26 Convention On Assistance In The Case Of A Nuclear Accident Or Radiological Emergency
1986-09-26 Convention On Early Notification Of A Nuclear Accident
1986-11-24 Convention For The Protection Of The Natural Resources And Environment Of The South Pacific Region
1986-12-05 Agreement On The Preservation Of Confidentiality Of Data Concerning Deep Seabed Areas
1987-08-14 Exchange of Notes Between the United States and the Netherlands Related to the Agreement On The Resolution Of Practical Problems With Respect To Deep Seabed Mining Areas
1991-02-25 Convention On Environmental Impact Assessment In A Transboundary Context
1992-04-21 Convention On The Protection Of The Black Sea Against Pollution
1992-07-09 Niue Treaty On Cooperation In Fisheries Surveillance And Law Enforcement In The South Pacific Region
2003-06-25 Amendments to the Convention On The Protection Of The Marine Environment Of The Baltic Sea Area (Annex IV; Regulations 4-13)
1994-06-16 Convention On The Conservation And Management Of Pollock Resources In The Central Bering Sea
1995-08-04 Agreement For The Implementation Of The Law Of The Sea Convention Relating To The Conservation And Management Of Straddling Fish Stocks And Highly Migratory Fish Stocks
1997-05-21 Convention On The Law Of The Non-Navigational Uses Of International Watercourses
2001-03-23 International Convention On Civil Liability For Bunker Oil Pollution Damage
2002-06-10 ASEAN Agreement On Transboundary Haze Pollution