IEADB Dataset: Current Version of all IEADB Dataset Files

This page lists the 4 .csv files that contain the primary elements of the IEADB database:

  • -- this is a single zipped file containing all .cvs files. (Download 7-zip here to unzip)
  • db_countries.csv -- a mapping of all country name variants to the single country name used by the IEADB
  • db_country_traits.csv -- various country traits (region, UN membership, country codes, and the like) to allow linkage to other datasets
  • db_members.csv -- for each IEA, the dates on which any country signed, ratified, or had an IEA enter into force
  • db_treaties.csv -- list of Agreements, Protocols, and Amendments contained in the IEADB and corresponding meta-data, including IEA id#, name, signature and entry into force date, agreement type (MEA/BEA), etc.
  • -- All treaty text in txt format

All files below are generated every Thursday at midnight with current data from the database.


Those using this data are REQUIRED to include both the following citations in any work produced.

  • International Environmental Agreements Database Project, hosted by Université Laval, available at:
  • Ronald B. Mitchell, Liliana B. Andonova, Mark Axelrod, Jörg Balsiger, Thomas Bernauer, Jessica F. Green, James Hollway, Rakhyun E. Kim and Jean-Frédéric Morin. 2020. What We Know (and Could Know) About International Environmental Agreements. Global Environmental Politics 20:1: 103-121.